Open Back House Dress

Who would use a house dress that opens down the back?

Any woman who needs assistance dressing would find our open back (snap back) house dress a helpful addition to her closet. All of our open back houses dresses, day dresses and dusters are easy to put on because the snaps open completely down the back making it much easier for a caregiver to assist the woman to dress without having to pull or tug to get the dress on. The woman may remain in a seated position or even recline on her bed while the caregiver puts the dress on and then gently helps the woman to sit or turn over onto her side while the dress is positioned for snap closure up the back of the dress. You should also know that our snaps are placed strategically to avoid pressure points on the body while sitting or lying down. This makes the dress much more comfortable for the wearer.
In addition to our dress collection, you should also look at our many other special closure garments to make up a complete wardrobe of appropriate clothing for the woman you are shopping for. Please also browse through our entire collection for other dressing solutions.

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