Multiple Sclerosis Clothing

What is multiple sclerosis clothing?

There are varying degrees of progression of the disease of multiple sclerosis. Depending upon the involvement, you would need to choose items of multiple sclerosis clothing that are appropriate for the individual. In the beginning of the disease, often weakness is the problem and the best choices of clothing would be pull on garments, garments with zippers or VELCRO® brand  closures. As the disease progresses, partial paralysis may occur necessitating the choice of some pull on items or side zip pants from our multiple sclerosis clothing collection. Of course, you need to evaluate the level of ability of the person to self dress and choose what would be most helpful to her or him. If the individual has complete paralysis, the best items would be our open back styles since the person will be confined to a wheelchair or bed. We have many garments for both women and men in our open back, multiple sclerosis clothing line.
If the person uses a walker or is confined to a wheelchair, don't forget to look at the accessory items we carry for making living with assistive devices easier such as walker bags, wheelchair bags and cup holders and more. Please take a look through our catalog for other dressing ideas and clothing designs.

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