Independent Dressers

Does Buck and Buck carry clothes that encourage independent dressing?

Buck and Buck does carry a wide range of independent dressing clothes. One of our major goals is to provide our elderly customers with clothing that they can be comfortable in and that encourages independence in the process of dressing. Some of the major designs that make us well known for our independent dressing clothes are the uses of VELCRO® brand closures on women’s and men’s shirts, front zipper pulls and tabs, snaps that are easy to use, generous and comfortable elastic waist bands and many styles that can be pulled on over the head.
Independent dressing clothes take into consideration the potential disabilities of the wearer and that is why our designs are made to accommodate a variety of disabilities such as the elderly with arthritis, stroke residual, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, neuropathies and just plain aging. We all want to be independent in dressing ourselves for as long as possible which is why we have made independent dressing clothes our priority.VELCRO® fly closures and VELCRO® front shirt closures have made independent dressing possible for many seniors. Take a look at our men’s and women’s clothing and you are sure to find styles that suit your needs. If there is a special need that you have, talk with us and we'll create something to help you.

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