Elderly Footwear

What variety in elderly footwear does Buck and Buck carry?

We know that as we age, many individuals have the potential to suffer from a variety of foot problems. For the elderly, we have several items in our slipper, sock and shoe department to address issues with footwear. For example, one common foot problem is bunions. We have a selection of shoes and slippers that are designed to have adequate width to ease pressure on the bunions of the great toe area. Another foot problem that we recognize as an issue for the elderly is the hammer toe. Many of our shoes and slippers have the width needed in the toe area to prevent the discomfort that occurs in conventional footwear caused from pressure and rubbing against the hammer toe. Also common as a footwear problem for the elderly is swelling in the feet and ankles due to immobility and/or a medical condition such as CHF (congestive heart failure) or venous insufficiency (lack of adequate circulation in the lower legs). Many of our socks, slippers and shoes for women and men have ample width and adjustable hook and loop closures to accommodate moderate to severe swelling. Conditions such as diabetes can cause foot problems such as ulcers. We carry a care sock that stretches to ease pressure on the ulcer and prevent restriction due to swelling of the feet.
Please look through our footwear section to find items that will address your specific footwear problems and browse through our catalog for other dressing solutions.

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