Elderly Fashions

What are elderly fashions?

(Go to Home Page).  Fashions for the elderly is a line of clothing that is stylish, age appropriate, easy to wear and easy to care for. As we age, it becomes more difficult to move, stretch, bend and twist making the process of dressing a bit of a challenge at times. We at Buck and Buck recognize this and our goal is to make our elderly fashions look good, feel good and to be able to be used as independently as possible.

How do we make elderly fashions to meet these criteria?

We select fabrics that are comfortable for the elderly to wear with patterns, designs and colors that are appropriate and up to date. We choose fabrics that are easy to launder and wear without the need for ironing. Our elderly fashions fit well to the body with waistbands, cuffs and necklines that are comfortable. We use zipper pulls, snaps and buttons that are easy to grasp. Many of our styles of clothing will have VELCRO® brand/hook and loop closures that don’t challenge the individual who has arthritis, weakness in a limb from a stroke or other issues causing restricted motion.
When the elderly need the assistance of a caregiver to get dressed, we have many options of open back and side zip clothing for women and men to choose from.
Look through our catalog and select from our many fashionable styles to suit your needs and likes.

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