Edema Shoes

What are edema shoes?

(Go to Home Page).  Edema shoes are designed for the individual who has problems with swollen (edematous) feet. At Buck and Buck, we recognize the need to have edema shoes for our elderly customers because many elderly experience some degree of foot swelling due to inactivity and/or medical conditions.
Our line of edema shoes and slippers has grown over time because of requests we have received from our customers. We add new items every year or so based upon your requests and our customer experiences. In addition to our shoes, the Buck and Buck line of footwear includes a selection of socks for women and men to accommodate the problems of moderately to severely swollen feet.

Ease of wear and safety for the elderly customer are considerations that we make when designing or purchasing our edema shoes to share with you.

Please take a look at our men’s and women’s footwear collections to find something suitable for your needs and browse through our catalog for other dressing solutions.

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