Easy Wear Clothing

What easy wear clothing items do Buck and Buck feature?

(Go to Home Page).  Easy wear, easy care clothing are descriptions that fit the entire Buck and Buck garment line. We started our business because it was difficult to find easy wear clothing that was of good quality and appropriate in style for residents in nursing homes. Our clothing styles have since become very popular with independent seniors as well as those who need some help in getting dressed. Our customers live in a variety of housing situations from home care to nursing homes.
Buck and Buck clothing is easy to wear because it goes on smoothly. No struggling because zippers are too short or elastic doesn't give enough. Our clothing pulls on over the head, can be stepped into, or pulls up easily. The openings are generously cut, yet the garments fit well. We also feature VELCRO® brand closures when needed to make the easy wear clothing items even more so, like substituting these closures for buttons, snaps or zippers. Our footwear is considered to be of the easy wear type because of the Velcro® closures and slip on styles.
The easy wear clothing description applies because we choose fabric that, for the most part, can be worn right out of the dryer. The garments are cut to look stylish yet provide comfort for someone confined to a wheelchair or bed.
Our easy wear clothing features an adaptive clothing line for women and for men that has generous side zippers and a variety of open back styles to suit the seniors who cannot dress themselves or who need the help of a caregiver in the dressing process.
Buck and Buck clothing is also considered to be easy care because it is tested in the harsh laundry systems of nursing homes to make certain that the garments will launder well and be able to be worn right out of the dryer.

Let us know if there are other important features that you are looking for in easy wear clothing.

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