Dressing and Dementia

(Go to our Home Page).  The everyday task of dressing can be a real challenge to the individual who has a dementia. If we aren't afflicted with dementia it is easy to forget that we make many choices in selecting our clothing each day. The person with a dementia has a very difficult time making those choices and especially making choices of clothing that is appropriate.
Some of the helpful tips in assisting someone who has a dementia to maintain their independence in dressing and to increase the likelihood of the choices being appropriate are to arrange clothing as coordinated outfits in the closet. Dresser drawers can also be set up with labels indicating underwear, socks, slips, etc. The person with dementia may forget what to put on and labels may help them in the thinking process.
Buck and Buck has considered the needs of the person with dementia and the caregiver. Our Customer Service Staff can help you in selecting coordinated outfits that will be interchangeable with several other outfits. You should look at our dressing ideas for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease for solutions to your loved ones dressing needs.

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