(Go to Home Page).  Often the elderly with diabetes have problems with their circulation due to the damage done to nerve fibers and blood vessels over the years of having the disease. Buck and Buck is sensitive to the dressing needs of these seniors and we have designed some diabetes footwear to decrease constriction and provide warmth to the feet.
Our diabetes footwear consists of the "snugglers" for men and for women. This adaptive clothing item is for the non-ambulatory senior who is confined to a wheelchair or bed. The "snugglers" promote circulation by keeping the legs and feet warm and the design also helps to prevent skin tears and pressure points through the use of soft, plush shearling.
We also feature the popular Care Socks® that are wonderful items of diabetes footwear because of the soft, non-binding material of the sock and their ability to stretch providing comfort and decreased pressure for feet and legs that swell.
Many of our slipper designs such as our VELCRO® brand closure booties for men and women are wonderful for the senior with diabetes because of the warmth provided to the feet which then promotes circulation.

Please take a look at our catalog for other items of great clothing.

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