Clothing Solutions

What clothing solutions can Buck and Buck help you with?

(Go to our Home Page).  There are common difficulties in dressing that older women and men struggle with that we have clothing solutions for.  These clothing solutions are featured in our adaptive clothing line such as zippers versus buttons, hook and loop closures on garments, wide, stretchy, elastic waistbands, open back clothing for those confined to wheelchair or bed, cut away garments for the non-ambulatory person, arm and leg protectors for those with very fragile skin and much more.
We have listened to many customers with all kinds of dressing difficulties and have put most of those clothing solutions into our catalog to benefit others, however, there are some dressing problems that we have helped to solve and we do not have them in the catalog as yet. For example, seniors who have feeding tubes or drainage devices that are accessed through the abdomen have had openings strategically placed in folds or pleats of their garments to make dressing and care easier as well as discreet.
Sometimes men who are confined to a wheelchair need a longer fly opening that will allow the use of a urinal without causing an embarrassing spill.
Those who have had leg or arm amputations will often prefer the pant leg or sleeve modified so there is not so much material to handle when accessing the limb.  We will shorten the pant leg or sleeve and also provide hook and loop closures or break away snaps in the garment to care for the limb or prosthesis.

Sometimes there are problems in dressing related to surgical procedures such as factures that require temporary use of adaptive clothing. Just because you don’t see a design of ours that will provide a clothing solution for you, let us know what the problem is and we’ll work with you to come up with something that works.

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