Hand Tremors Clothing

Trying to get dressed and coping with hand tremors can make what would be an easy task difficult to manage. Just think how you would deal with fastening buttons, snaps and pulling up zippers if your hands were shaking. Shoes can also be a problem if there are laces to tie.
At Buck and Buck we have designed clothing to make dressing manageable for those who have to deal with hand tremors. Our clothing designs have large zipper pulls that can easily be added to any zipper. This adaptation makes pulling up a zipper easier. Buttons can be converted to hook and loop closures. The garment looks like it has buttons, but we sew hook and loop strips on the material behind the button so that closing the garment is easy for the person with hand tremors. We can do this with any of our button closures.
We also feature many styles that are "pull up" or "pull on" over the head. We can sew grab loops into the pants and pull on skirts if that will assist the person to dress independently. Just let us know what your need is.
All of our men's and women's shoes and slippers are slip on styles or have hook and loop closures to make putting on footwear easy.
Independent dressing does not have to be compromised because you have hand tremors, whether caused by Parkinson’s disease or some other medical condition. Let us help you out. We even give dressing tips on our website to help prevent falls while dressing. Take a look!

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