Retirement Homes Clothing

Usually for seniors the idea of staying in their own home is very important. Often the need to "downsize" will have the senior look at the possibility of active adult retirement communities and many of those communities have the possibility of "progressive care" if and when needed. When older adults begin to think of moving into retirement settings, it is also the time to review the person’s physical strengths and limitations and one of those considerations is the physical ability to manage dressing as they always have in the past. Maintenance of independence in this task is often overlooked. Some of the things to look at are the ability to manage buttons, zippers and shoe laces. Should hook and loop closures replace buttons and shoe laces? How stable is the person when standing? Does he or she need to partially dress while seated?
Buck and Buck is a company that has always kept the desire for independent dressing a priority in the designs of our clothing. Easy wear and easy care clothing is one of our benchmarks in clothing development. We also keep the caregiver in mind in our assisted dressing clothing designs for men and for women in the retirement community.
Please take a look at our many fashionable styles and let us know how we can help you.

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