Para and Quadriplegics

Paralysis of one or more limbs may cause the individual to lose some independence. To preserve as much independence as possible for the paraplegic and quadriplegic individual, we have designed clothing to meet that need.
Choose from our designs of clothing that have long, bilateral side zippers which permit easy, independent dressing and toileting for the wheelchair bound individual. Any of our pants may be converted to the side-zip design. Just let us know your preference.
For the quadriplegic individual, our back flap pants for men or women may be the best choice. The pants can be easily put on with the assistance of a caregiver and the back flap closes to give adequate coverage yet makes toileting very easy. We have also had many paraplegics choose this style because wheelchair to toilet transfers are easy and modesty can be maintained with little difficulty.
Hook and loop closures that replace the zipper fly on pants and buttons on shirts and blouses permit easy dressing for the person who may have very minimal use of their hands.
If the person with paralysis needs assisted dressing, our open back or rear closure designs for men and women are great. The garments look like regular, everyday wear, but the open back design makes dressing easy for the caregiver and less of a struggle for the wearer.
Let us help you with your dressing needs.

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