Confused Seniors Clothing

(Go to our home page).  Preservation of independence in dressing is a major consideration for men and women with a dementia. We learned the task of dressing as a child and perform that task every day of our lives, yet due to a change in our mental status as an adult, the simple steps of dressing may be lost. To lose the ability to self dress becomes a factor in some loss of dignity.
Help your loved one with mild or moderate confusion or a dementia to preserve their ability to self dress by following these simple steps:

Make a step by step list of the order of dressing for your loved one to refer to and post it on their dresser and closet where the task of dressing is done.
Organize dresser drawers in the order of dressing. Underwear in the first drawer, socks in the second drawer, etc. and label the drawers.
Coordinate clothing into sets by color, season, casual and dressy.
Keep only the clothes for the particular season in the closet/drawers and remove the off season clothing.
If your loved one prefers a certain style, keep several coordinated outfits together in sets for easy selection.
Check as often as necessary for clothing cleanliness.

Buck and Buck recognizes the need for independence in dressing yet we also know that good looking, easy to wear and care for clothing may be an issue. Let us help you with the clothing needs for your loved one suffering from confusion or dementia. Our customer service representatives will find out your loved ones preferences and help you to set up a wardrobe that will accommodate their needs.
Our clothing features all washable fabrics, generous elastic waistbands, hook and loop closures, over the head styles, easy to manage zippers and non-slip shoes and slippers. If the confused senior needs assisted dressing, we also feature a wide range of adaptive clothing styles that will ease the dressing process for the individual and the caregiver.

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