Clothes for Geri Chairs

(Go to our Home Page).  Clothing for seniors confined to geri chairs, like wheelchair clothing, needs to be comfortable, easy to put on, non-restrictive and look good. The clothes for geri chair users also has to be "user friendly" in that toileting and other needs for personal care should not be cumbersome to carry out.
At Buck and Buck, we have accomplished all of these clothing attributes for the geri chair user. Take a look at our slacks with the 22 inch long, bilateral zippers. We can put these zippers on any of our pants. The benefit to the geri chair user is that the pants open very easily for self and assisted dressing. The generous, bilateral zippers also allow for easy, self toileting transfers which provide a sense of dignity to the individual who is non-ambulatory.
Our dresses for women who are confined to geri chairs have extra length to adequately cover the knees while seated and reclined.
All of our open back clothing items for women and men would be appropriate for the individual in a geri chair. Take a look, and please browse through the rest of our catalog for many other great dressing needs.

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