Caregiver Friendly Dressing

(Go to our home page).  Our caregiver friendly dressing designs make the process of dressing an individual who needs assistance easy and less physically challenging. We appreciate that the task of dressing someone is potentially difficult. Our designs for women and men have the caregiver in mind with easy dressing styles and fabrics that are comfortable yet easy to wear and care for. Our open back clothing snaps completely down the back of the garment which prevents the need for pulling and tugging. The garments can be put on while the person is sitting or reclined in bed. Our side zip pants have 22 inch long bilateral side zippers that make pulling on pants possible while the person is seated or lying in bed. A simple side to side roll will help the caregiver to pull up the garments and secure them in place with little or no tugging or pulling. Our designs make dressing much easier on the person who is in need of assisted dressing as well.
Take a look at all of our adaptive, caregiver friendly clothing. You are certain to find garments that you just have to have.

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