Bariatric Clothes

Does Buck and Buck carry clothing for the senior bariatric patient?

(Go to our home page).  We have several items of clothing that will accommodate up to a size 3X and some to a 6X. We have had requests for larger sizes and will be featuring additional plus size clothing choices that will fit the senior bariatric patient. Remember that if you see a garment in our catalog and you require a larger size than we currently offer, please talk with our Customer Service Representatives and they will try to accommodate your request. You might also look in our adaptive clothing designs for women and men, and patient clothing section to get some ideas that may meet your needs.
Please keep in mind the importance of proper footwear for the senior bariatric patient. If swelling of the feet and ankles is an issue, we do carry shoes and socks for women and men that answer many of the problems related to edema in the feet.

Please browse through our catalog to see many items that may meet your needs.

Customer Care: 1(800) 458-0600 (M-F, 6am-5pm PST)