Assisted Dressing Clothing

What does Buck and Buck mean by assisted dressing clothing?

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Assisted dressing clothing is a design of clothing that Buck and Buck manufactures and sells to promote independent dressing for the elderly and to make the dressing process easier for the caregiver when the help of a caregiver is involved.
We develop our designs based upon our experiences in working in nursing homes, talking with caregivers, talking with the elderly and talking with individuals with varieties of handicaps and medical problems. We listen to our customers’ dressing problems and work with them to come up with solutions that make dressing easier. When a unique dressing problem is solved we use that information to help others with similar issues making our collection of assisted dressing and adaptive clothing designs grow.

Our assisted dressing designs feature VELCRO® brand closures, long bilateral side zippers, generously cut fabric, easy to wear elastic waistbands and zipper pulls and loops. Our footwear for women and men also features easy wear designs with hook and loop closures, safety soles and a selection of shoes and socks that are very suitable for feet that swell and have other problems such as bunions and hammer toes.

Our fabrics are easy to care for as well as easy to wear. We test our fabrics to hold up to the high temperatures of the laundries in nursing homes, yet we make certain that the fabrics are easy on the fragile skin of the elderly.

Assisted dressing designs are suitable for the elderly at home, in assisted living or nursing home facilities.  Look through our catalog for dressing solutions to help you.

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