Arthritis Clothing

Why would someone with arthritis need special adaptive arthritis clothing?

(Go to our Home Page).  Arthritis causes pain and eventual disability due to inflammation of the joints and/or wearing down of the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. The resultant pain and limitations in movement make it difficult for the senior with arthritis to dress independently. Our adaptive clothing designs are very helpful to the person with disabilities related to arthritis as well as to the caregiver, when assistance with care becomes necessary.
Buck and Buck’s arthritis clothing features easy closures such as VELCRO® brand fasteners or zippers rather than buttons, generous elastic waistbands that make the garment easy to pull on, and necklines in some dresses and tops that allow for easy, over the head dressing. We can also put grab loops into our slacks, culottes and pants that will help the senior with arthritis to pull on their clothing without the assistance of a caregiver.
If the disability from arthritis becomes more severe, our open back clothing designs may be more appropriate. The open back design makes the garment an easy wear adaptive clothing item for the person with arthritis. The dressing process is less stressful to the senior and less strenuous for the caregiver because the garments open completely down the back for ease in dressing while the person with arthritis is in bed or sitting in a wheelchair.
Don't forget about adaptive footwear for the person with arthritis. The most useful footwear may be slip on styles or shoes with hook and loop closures. There may also be a tendency for the feet of the senior with arthritis to swell because of the restrictions in their mobility. Please don't forget to take a look at our footwear collections for women and men and browse through our extensive catalog for many other dressing ideas.

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