Special Alterations

(Go to our Home Page).  Every individual has unique needs and preferences. We pride ourselves in having an eagerness to help our customers meet their needs and try to solve dressing challenges. If you would like a special alteration done that we do not offer online, just give us a call at 1-800-458-0600 during the hours of 6am-5pm, Pacific Time, Mon-Fri.  We will let you know if we're able to do what you're asking!

Zipper-Pull and Zipper-Loop
Alterations Zipper PullsWe have found that with some creative thinking, we can make dressing easier for many people. An example of a small alteration is the zipper pull. We find we can extend self dressing for many people by adding this small enhancement. It’s best to try and find out if grasping the "pull" would be more beneficial than creating the pull "loop." The pull works perfectly for those who can grasp; the loop for someone who finds it easier to slip a few fingers through the loop and pull the zipper this way.



3 Different Closure Types
If a garment can be opened down the back, it can be fitted with any of the 3 closures shown at the right. We have an expert sewing department on site, so most special alterations are done as each order is filled. If you would like a closure type that is different from the way the garment is offered, just tell our order takers. In many cases we can make the change for a small fee.

Alterations Closure Types

Short Sleeve Conversions
It is so easy for us to cut and hem anything, including sleeves. My father likes our nightshirts, but prefers a short sleeve. No problem.

Alterations Short Sleeve Conversions

VELCRO® Brand Fastener Fly Conversion

While this is a much more labor intensive alteration and we must add a small charge to cover our costs, it is one of our most popular. It allows the wearer to open and close his fly without having to deal with a zipper, and, in many cases, keeps him self-sufficient.

Alterations Velcro Fly Conversion
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