Aging Father

What types of clothing solutions does Buck and Buck have for my aging father?

(Go to our Home Page).  Buck and Buck has a variety of clothing solutions to meet the needs of your aging father. We take into consideration the normal process of aging as we design and manufacture our clothing.
So what considerations do we use for your aging father? In the normal aging process, fragile skin may become a problem. To minimize skin irritation our materials that touch the skin are soft, and we also provide arm and leg protectors out of sweat and polar fleece for those whose skin tears and bruises easily.
Another common issue for the elderly is the inability to stay warm. Our solution for this problem is use of sweat and polar fleece in a variety of our garments as well as the concept of layering. We have many outfits that can be put together that will create optimal layering for your aging father.
Vision often diminishes with aging so most of our clothes make use of front closure zippers and large buttons to facilitate independence in dressing.

Buck and Buck also specializes in a wide range of adaptive clothing for your aging father who has a handicap, disability or impairment due to injury or disease. Some of our clothing designs feature open back clothes, VELCRO® brand closures and long bilateral side zippers. Our designs are made with your father’s needs and the caregivers ease of assistance in the forefront.

Take a look at our wonderful collection and let us help you to make up your father’s wardrobe.

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