Adaptive Clothing for Seniors

(Go to our home page).  Adaptive clothing for adults, especially senior or elderly adults, has been the focus of Buck and Buck for over 40 years.  Our clothing designs look like everyday wear, but the adaptations make self dressing and assisted dressing easy for women and for men with handicaps, physical limitations or dementias.

One of our adaptive designs is hook and loop closures on shirts, blouses, t-shirts and footwear.  Hook and loop closures make dressing less challenging for those with limited hand and finger movement.  Another design is the open back garment with snap closures strategically placed to avoid pressure on the spine.  The garment looks like everyday wear, but opens completely down the back for dressing and personal care ease.  A third design is our bilateral, 22 inch long zippers on the side seams of pants which allow for easy dressing and toileting, but if you prefer snaps to zippers, we have that adaptation as well.  We also feature several jumpsuit garments for women and for men that prevent inappropriate undressing for those who suffer with dementias.

All of our garments are made of washable fabrics in prints and styles that are appropriate for seniors, especially in the 80 plus age category.  Many of our designs are also very popular for the 60 plus adult as well.

Look through our catalog and remember that we will do custom alterations for unique dressing challenges.

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