Men's Fleece Side-Snap Pants

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AD = Adaptive Design

Men's Fleece Side-Snap Pants AD

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Can be worn by either men or women. Sometimes a little extra room to work with can make all the difference when putting on a pair of pants. Three heavy-duty snaps at each side of the waistband allow for a large waist opening so that lowering and raising pants is made easier. Side opening extends to below the hips. more…

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Product Description

This versatile pant style aids both self and assisted dressing. Both sides open to lower hip level to permit easier dressing and removal by the wearer or the aide giving assistance. Additional fabric insert gives pocketed appearance with no unsightly gapping. Soft, warm and comfortable - these pants have been a favorite for many clients who have struggled with other styles of pants. Give us your inseam, and we'll hem accordingly. (We will allow for 2" shrinkage, so just give us your actual inseam, and we'll take it from there). Made from durable Cotton/Poly Fleece. Made in U.S.A. If you prefer the twill version of these pants, see below.