Men’s Cargo Pants & Shorts: Practical, Durable, Fashionable

Cargo pants or shorts are an excellent option for today’s senior man who is likely to need the increased capacity and security of cargo pockets in order to carry his everyday essentials.

Our cargo pants pockets feature Velcro closures which make them both secure and easily accessible. We offer both a twill and a light-weight cargo pant as well as cargo shorts for the warmer months. All styles are available with a hidden Velcro fly or a traditional zipper fly. […]

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MagnaReady® Shirts and Why You Should Know About Them


What do Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, Parkinson’s Disease and Buck and Buck have in common? The answer is MagnaReady® magnetic shirts! MagnaReady® shirts are button-down shirts with magnetically infused buttons that make getting dressed both quick and painless for people with mobility challenges and/or disabilities. The concept for MagnaReady® came about when Don Horton, […]

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Choose Your Words Carefully


This month marks the 14th anniversary of the September 11th attacks of 2001. It’s always a day that causes me to pause and reflect on my own life, and be thankful for some of the things I often take for granted each and every day. One aspect that has always struck me the most from […]

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Maintaining Skin Integrity in the Elderly


Our skin is the first line of defense against infection and foreign bodies. Maintaining skin integrity in the elderly is crucial to health and well-being. As we age our skin naturally breaks down and becomes thinner which leads to compromised infection control and comfort. There are several risk factors associated with advancing age that contribute […]

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“STILL ALICE” Spotlights Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease


Buck & Buck was privileged to be consulted on determining what the appropriate wear would be for the character portrayed by Julianne Moore in the film “STILL ALICE”, directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, and adapted from the novel by Lisa Genova. Stacey Battat’s costumes had to encompass a wide range of wardrobes from […]

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Senior Safety


SENIOR SAFETY: It’s a new year and, for many of us, a time to pick up some of the projects we’ve had on the back burner for the last few months. Or maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to make safety improvements for a loved one – whether they live with you or on […]

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The #IceBucketChallenge: Raising Awareness Through “Hashtag Activism”


If you’ve been anywhere near any form of social media over the past few weeks, chances are you’ve seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The phenomenon has helped raise more than $70 million for the ALS Association in a little over a month*, and many credit the reach and power of websites like Twitter and […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas


With Mother’s Day in the rear-view mirror and Fathers Day on the horizon it seems the perfect time to talk about celebrating our parents in the year 2014. No matter how old your parents are, chances are they remember the first time they held you in their arms. The fact that you are alive today […]

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Thoughts on Memorial Day…


Memorial Day 2014 has come at a sensitive time for America’s military and, in particular, the department in charge of caring for America’s service men and women once they return to civilian life. The recent V.A. scandal is shocking, shameful and heartbreaking. In fact, the V.A.’s long history of its inability to provide timely, compassionate […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors


New Year’s resolutions. They can seem so trivial, but with realistic goals and expectations they can actually make a very positive impact on our lives. Many seniors dismiss New Year’s resolutions as something just for young people, but that’s far from the truth. Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions that can help seniors improve their […]

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